You’ll find below a list of our publications. You can also lookup these links on Research Gate, Google Scholar and Pubmed for additional details on our research.

Voici une liste de nos publications. Vous pouvez également suivre ces liens vers Research GateGoogle Scholar et Pubmed pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires sur nos recherches.

28) Silué N & Campbell-Valois FX, icaR and icaT Are Ancient Chromosome Genes Encoding Substrates of the Type III Secretion Apparatus in Shigella flexneri, mSphere, 2022. >PDF

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equal contributions

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*Corresponding author

15) Campbell-Valois FX*, Schnupf, P, Sansonetti PJ. Design of a Transcription-based Secretion Activity Reporter (TSAR) for the Type III secretion apparatus of flexneri and uses thereof,, 2014, Oct 20; vol. 4 issue 20.

*Corresponding author

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*Corresponding author

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*Corresponding author

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*Corresponding authors; equal contribution

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